Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Awesome Angelicas

Today's been a bit of a washout gardening wise, but it did give me a bit of time to crack on and finish a test knit for the lovely tessvintageknits.  I really like to support some of the designers I know on Ravelry, by road-testing test patterns when I have time.  I get to have a go at a pattern before its released, plus the resulting items all add towards my Xmas stockpile of presents.  Oh and it eats into my ever-increasing stash of yarn and fibre, which lets face it, is helping to insulate the house.
So todays offering is this cute pair of Angelica mittens, where I got to learn some new stitches.......oh and buy some new wooden knitting needles.......who need know?

Perhaps now I might get on and finish (correction - get it past being no bigger than a small tissue!) the Whipple shawl I have been promising my sis for a while.  At least its on the needles though!

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