Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cheeky Little Sock Monkeys

OK, so a while back I acquired details on how to turn a pair of socks into a monkey.  Its magic no less.  You can use any size socks.  Obviously the larger the socks, the larger the monkey.  Cutting the pair of socks in a certain way, you re-sew, stuff, sew the various body parts together, try not to giggle too much, pop on some eyes and Monkey!

Now these little darlings are my prototypes and are currently being road-tested by Callum and Charlie (aged 3 1/2 and 1 and a bit respectively).  As they are made from Tesco kiddies socks and the filling is washable, I am hoping my sewing will hold up OK and they survive being thrown around and dribbled on.  2nd Monkey got felt eyes, so not to be swallowed.

Being rather mischievous, I noticed Monkeys tail looks rather rude.......... afraid it took a matter of seconds for this to be pointed out to Callum (Duncan this is your fault!!).  I will leave you to guess the giggles it started.  Boys!

Very happy to share the pattern info via email, its a quick fun gift to make.  With giggles.

The Xmas / New Year break also meant I finally got around to finishing my Xmas Quilt that I started in November 2010.  Not completed for 2010 or 2011 Xmas, but hehoo.  Its all done now.  Back in November 2010 I was fortunate enough to go on a Xmas Bonanza weekend at Cowslip Workshop.
One of the many things available to learn was this fab little lap quilt.  Its been on the back burner for a while, but got re-ignited on a sewing evening at Thistle Wool shop over in Cowplain.  Thanks to some button suggestions from Jean, its all complete and I am quite chuffed with it.
CowslipWorkshop is based in Launceston, Cornwall and offer some amazing crafty courses, have a fabric shop to die for and a great cafe.  I missed out on the 2011 Xmas w/e but can't wait for this November when I get to try some more crafty ideas........ might even let me Mum come this time......

Simple but cute.........


  1. Love those monkeys and their naughty bits! The patchwork is fab too!

  2. Thanks Jenny. I had fun making all of them. Nothing like a good giggle!