Tuesday, 7 February 2012

So how about some Pie!

Just a quickie little blog-post..........

Well then, you know a little about Me, Scubamonkey, likes to knit, bake, spin, run, blah blah blah

..................................you've seen the Socks, (these ones are called Monkey, how apt)

so how about a nice bit of Pie!

Not wanting to sound repetitive, but yup, its another Great British Bake-off recipe !  From the first series, its no ordinary meaty pie, but a rather scrumptious Lemon Meringue Pie.

Please excuse the rather rubbish photos, but it was getting dark and the flash seems to wash everything out.

I can't believe I have never made, let alone eaten a Lemon Meringue Pie before.  Its delicious.  Only downside was the recipe asked for a 22cm flan tin and I only had a 23cm tin.  So the fillings could have been a little deeper.  But oh my, its one to try.  3 days on and we're still getting through it.
I was very hesitant about holding the whipped meringue mix over my head to see if it was ready and thankfully for my hair it was.  Phwew!

A top tip I've learnt if you've stored egg whites in the freezer and perhaps forgotten to write down the correct amount and need them for meringues.........Moi!  Non possible......  weigh the egg whites and then use double the weight in sugar (eg: 100g egg whites to 200g castor sugar).....voila!

And after far too long an absence I finally found got around to using my lovely spinning wheel again.  All the fleece I have stored around is far too nice for just heat insulation despite the cold so it was nice to get going on the wheel again and create something unique.


  1. Never eaten Lemon Meringue Pie? Mine can't have been as memorable as yours then but I suppose your childhood was an AWFULLY long time ago...
    Love from your mother

    1. Cheeky! But yes a while back, so perhaps we can allow for that blip in memory. Maybe you could try making one again to remind me :)