Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rise of the Sock Monkeys!

Now I would hate you to think I have been totally idle recently, but as the baking and knitting is on the slow back-burn I thought some more Sock Monkeys were the order of the day.  A perfect excuse came in the arrival of 2 1/2 year Maya to stay for the weekend.  As she walked into the kitchen and saw a little monkey sitting on the table, her smile made making them all the more worthwhile. 

For some strange reason, that can only be thought of in a toddlers mind is the naming of said monkey as Mildred the Ostrich Monkey.  By the following morning she was simply known as Poppy......................

I still find my lovely 101 year old Singer Sewing Machine the best to make the funny monkeys and its a great excuse to get her out on the kitchen table.

As you can see a second monkey is ready to be paired up with a new owner, plus there are many more pairs of socks begging to be 'Monkey'ed....................

Should keep me busy for a while!

How spoilt have I been though, as the lovely Rainflower from Ravelry has made me a gorgeous Chandra shawl out of some Manos del Uruquay Silk Blend yarn I had in my stash.  Its soooooooooo soft and yet so light, that I can't help stroking it.  She's a very talented and speedy knitter and I am eternally grateful to her for this Karma kindness.

Happy crafting...............................


  1. The sock monkey is adorable... I really really like it XD

    1. Thank you Tawnee! I am very tempted to keep the stripy one myself, but I did make it with my Niece in mind. Good job I'm making more :)