Sunday, 2 December 2012

Frog Hollow Catering Sugarcraft Workshop

Phwew, November has been a whistle-stop month, with lots of new crafts being learnt.  My final instalment took me to the home of Charlotte Briggs, owner and chef of Frog Hollow Catering, for a Sugarcraft workshop.  The theme was 'Vintage' and we would be trying out eight different designs using cupcakes as our platform.  Now I know nothing about cake decorating apart from applying a layer of Nutella to a chocolate cake.  Partly as I'm usually too keen to tuck into the cake.

The idea behind the workshop was to show lots of techniques that you could then apply to a larger decorated cake.

We played with fondant icing (ideal as a base for your decorating), petal paste (great for shaping roses!), edible glue, shimmer dusts, coloured pastes (such a small amount goes a very long way) and no end of cutters, indentation mats and moulds.

I was also introduced to a website 'Cake Craft World', where you can find no end of goodies to design just about any cake.

Did I have fun?  You bet and at £36 for a 3.5 hour workshop, very reasonable.  Plus, look what I got to take home.........

Happy baking!

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  1. You clever old thing you. More crafts? where will it all end Scube!!! Hope you have a lovely, and well decorated Christmas :)