Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

A very unsubtle suggestion by my Mum, that a Mothers Day Afternoon Tea would be just the ticket was a great excuse to scour the baking books for ideas.  In case you hadn't noticed, I'm on a bit of a 'Jo Wheatley - Passion for Baking' frenzy at the moment and seem to be working my way through her book with glee.  More on that shortly! 

OK, so this isn't actually baking (apart from the homemade bread toasts it sits on!), but I had to share this Chicken Liver Pate recipe from Waitrose.  Its really quick and easy to make and I substitute the sherry for brandy as we normally have that in the cupboard for cooking.  I also got some locally caught and smoked trout and the plan was to make little pinwheel sandwiches.  Not everything went to plan as my Sleepless White Bread decided to go horizontal on the baking sheet, rather than rise up.  Normally I make 3 loaves out of a 1kg batch, but this time opted for 2 loaves.  No matter, I just sliced the lovely crusts off and saved them for making breadcrumbs.  With the inners of the loaf, I cut out little discs and toasted them under the grill and topped with either pate or trout.  Tasty little morsels they were too!

We also had little chocolate peanut crispies topped with micro mini eggs from Jo's book and the main event was a Vanilla Cake (also a Jo recipe!!).

Its a delicious Victoria sponge style cake filled with a vanilla buttercream and homemade blackcurrant jam from my friend Jane. 

I then had fun with some leftover buttercream, to which I added some purple colouring and piped little flowers over the top and a few on the side.

Then it was time to set the table with some lovely antique crockery I received from lovely friend Cathy at Christmas and adorn with tasty goodies.

Quite delicious and the cake was even better the next day.

Happy baking!

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