Saturday, 13 July 2013

Me, My Socks and More Socks!

Now as you may have noticed, I do like knitting a good sock pattern.  This year I'm taking part in the UK Sock Knitters Group Lunar themed Knit-a-long.  My plan at the start of the challenge was to knit only from yarn or patterns I already owned.  So far, so good!

Different lunar cycles have many names around the world, so we had a bit of choice to be going on with.  Each pattern can be cast-on from its start date (Full Moon), but no later than by the start date of the following Full Moon.  Completions of all socks should be by 31st January 2014 to fulfil the challenge.

28-Dec-12 Cold Winter Birch
27-Jan-13 Wolf Ice Rowan
25-Feb-13 Storm Candles Ash
27-Mar-13 Worm Hare Sugar
25-Apr-13 Pink Seed Fish
25-May-13 Flower Dragon Milk
23-Jun-13 Mead Rose Strawberry
22-Jul-13 Thunder Herb Hay
21-Aug-13 Barley Red Blue
19-Sep-13 Harvest Fruit Chrysanthemum
18-Oct-13 Hunter Blood Blackberry
17-Nov-13 Beaver Snow Tree
17-Dec-13 Oak Frost Bitter

So far, I've managed to complete 4 pairs, have 2 pairs on the needles for the Seed and Dragon Moons and am dyeing the yarn for the Strawberry Moon in between typing!

For the Birch Moon, I made Birch Socks and I've kept them for me!

For the Ice Moon, I made Icicle Socks and again they're all mine!

For the Storm Moon, I chose Wavy Socks.  Well you get waves in a storm right!  They are destined for my Xmas present box.

And finally for the Sugar Moon, I offer my Sugared Almonds, also for the Xmas box.

Best get back to the dyeing and knitting!  I got a lotta socks to knit.

Happy knitting!


  1. Great idea for a KAL, and your choices are beautiful. I especially like the Sugared Almond socks.

    1. Many thanks. Its always a challenge each month to see how I can stash yarn & patterns :-) But great fun!

  2. I love the textures on the wavy socks and sugared almond socks. I was given sock yarn for my birthday last month... I think you just helped me find the patterns I'll use for them!

    1. I am very happy to oblige! Sock knitting is addictive - you can never have enough sock yarn :-) Happy knitting