Thursday, 23 January 2014

Summer Daisy Quilt - Cowslip Workshops

Back in June last year, my Mum and I spent a lovely weekend on an Applique workshop down at our favourite Cowslip Workshops in Cornwall.  Mum learnt needle-turn applique (a technique I had learnt here before with my Little House Quilt), whilst I had a go at making a double bed quilt.  Here I learnt rough edge applique, using a double layer of fabric to create more depth on the daisies.

During the first evening we had fun trying to decide where to put each daisy square to create maximum impact.

The quilt was made in 2 halves.  A 2 column panel and a 3 column panel were made and I then used the 'quilt as you go' technique to sew them together.

Trying to machine quilt a 25 daisy panel double quilt would have been near on impossible!  This way, once you have created your daisy columns, you baste the front, wadding and backing together, then start free machine quilting the 3 layers together to secure.

This was my first attempt at Free Machine Quilting.  Never one to start small and build up, I went straight into a double bed quilt.  My quilting technique leaves a lot to be desired and I certainly learnt about playing around with the machine tension.  Achieving a nice stitch on top and below the quilt took some practise.  But not bad for a first attempt I think!

For the 'Quilt as you Go' technique, after all the daisies are machine quilted together, you machine sew the 2 panel and 3 panel top layers together, then hand sew the wadding together, followed by the backing, to create a 25 panel quilt.  Add the top and bottom panels and complete by finishing off the edging.

I'm pretty pleased with it.  Now I just need to keep the cat off!

Details on the 'Quilt as you Go' technique and much more can be found in Jo Colwill's inspirational book 'Cushions & Quilts'.

Happy Sewing!

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