Monday, 6 April 2015

Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket is back on the needles!

Celebrating Easter in the UK, we are lucky enough to have a 4 day Bank Holiday.  After a bit of work on Friday, it was time to make the most of the time off.

The weather was favourable, so I got stuck into gardening at home, sowing seeds in my greenhouse and working down at the allotment.  This went on for most of the weekend.  Even my little fat man was laughing at me!

A perfect weekend you might think. Well my day job is as a......... gardener!  Still rewards were had with these lovely tulips from the allotment, as well as new season purple sprouting broccoli and rhubarb. Plus it's a lot tidier to boot.

Of course, I also managed to sneak in some knitting - well a girl needs some downtime!

So here I go again.  Another WIP (Work in Progress) is back on track.  Way back in 2010, I got a pattern for a double knit yarn blanket from my local yarn store. You create lots of individual diamonds to make the blanket and the best thing - there's no sewing together.  It's all done in the knitting.  I adapted it slightly for 4ply sock yarn, using 3.25mm needles.

A similar pattern is available here on Ravelry.

Well, it then got put in my knitting bag and promptly forgot about with only 20 diamonds done.  But no more! Its my next challenge.

My blanket is 12 diamonds across and nearly 1m in width.  When I started it, I had very little sock yarn, so the colours are a tad muted.  No chance of that now, as I have acquired an awful lot more.

I am now up to 35 diamonds and counting.  Not sure how long it's going to be yet.  Will just keep adding the diamonds until I am happy with it.  My plan is for a lap blanket to snuggle under when I'm TV knitting.

It is, by no means, going to be quiet and tasteful!

Perfect, easy TV knitting, though hopefully it won't take another 5 years to complete. It will have to be put aside for a while, as I need to complete my second sock for a test knit.  More on that soon.

Who would have thought it would be nice enough to sit outside early evening over Easter and do a spot of knitting.  Makes up for all that gardening!

Happy Easter and Happy Knitting all!


  1. Sock yarn blanket looks great. I found with mine that I tend to work on it in phases (as I have a new batch of leftovers to add)

  2. Thanks Louise. I think there will be distinct changes in colour as it progresses. I will aim to finish it throughout the year........ hopefully.