Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Granola Bars

Spurred on by my lovely Swedish friend, Lydia (Malinky), to bake something to get her taste buds going after a bout of being very poorly, I thought it was about time I rolled out a trusty recipe for Granola Bars to show you.

I must confess I used the recipe very loosely this time as I was on a cupboard clear out mission and there was no way I was going to buy new ingredients if I could substitute an item that needing using up!

So, to the ingredients:-
Oats - tick
Sunflower seeds were in a packet of dried fruit and seed mix - so tick
Almonds -  no, so used up the desiccated coconut instead
Honey -  only a little bit left so made up the rest of the amount with golden syrup
Sugar - tick
Butter - tick, but only salted so didn't add the salt
Vanilla essence - tick
Dried fruit - tick, mainly cranberries. 

So you get my drift, I used the recipe very loosely.   Still, they came out nice and chewy and full of yummy goodness.  A tasty, sustaining, simple recipe, great for a mid-morning snack, breakfast or even hiking.

Plus it must be good for recouperating right??

Finally got around to photographing my lovely DyeSpinKnit yarn, that my generous Mum got me at Christmas.  The pics don't do them justice as all, least because you can't feel the softness.  Now what to make with them?


  1. Now that is a good idea and they look very YUMMY! It is a non-pre-school day tomorrow and I am going to try this out with little one - she will have lots of fun mixing! I have blackcurrants in the frezer perhaps thse would work? I wonder how many bars will be left by the time Pappa gets home! :)
    Keep the recipes coming.... I lost 6kgs while I have been sick! So I can be naughty for a little bit at least! ;)

    1. Glad they got the taste buds going. Heck, I really need to fatten you up! A good excuse to look through my Gluten-free book! I think the blackcurrants could work well. Enjoy and great to hear you have the energy to make them xx