Monday, 12 March 2012

A magical weekend at Cowslip Workshops

Now, let it not be said that I don't like to take my sock knitting with me most places, just in case I get the chance to add a few rows.  Time is precious you know. 

As my poor Mum will confirm, I always get the socks out on train journeys, even removing footwear sometimes to check sizing.  I have been known to get them out at the Ballet (well, it was only in the interval, honest!) and made the most of long car journeys across France and Spain....... OH was driving honest.

So, en-route to Cornwall, I stopped off at the lovely Kingston Lacey for some late lunch and a stroll around the gardens to stretch the legs. 

And yes, I am afraid I sat looking at the countryside and knit a few rows!  I am addicted to socks

I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon the delightful Rezare Farmhouse B&B, whilst researching somewhere to stay.  With handmade quilts on the beds, a slice of homemade cake and a cuppa on arrival and a breakfast menu to die for, it really couldn't have been better suited for me.  Set in the beautiful hamlet of Rezare, it is perfect for visits to the stunning Tamar Valley.  I also got to pick Nanette's brains on a few baking tips.  Such as the delicious homemade shortbread biscuits in your room made just that little more crispy with the addition of rice flour to the mix.

The main reason for my trip down to Cornwall was to return to the amazing Cowslip Workshops, run by the very talented Jo Colwill,  on the outskirts of Launceston.  I came here about 18 months ago for their Christmas Bonanza weekend and came away full of ideas and with projects to finish and show-off.  So I was very unsubtle in suggesting a workshop here would be a perfect Christmas pressie for me.  This weekend was a hand applique workshop and again I came away with many new ideas and techniques to work on.  Jo is full of enthusiasm and just can't wait to offer tit-bits of incredibly useful info.  Plus the shop is to die for........ might have bought a few bits!

Good job I twisted Mum's arm to go back in November for another Bonanza weekend!

My spring garden quilt in the making......................  should keep me busy for a while!

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