Sunday, 26 August 2012

Treats for the troops!

What on earth, I hear you cry!  Well, a while back I heard about a Mum (or was it an Aunt!) who baked homemade biscuits and cakes and sent them out to her son who was serving in Afghanistan.  They were such a hit that it sort of took off and requests were coming in by the bucket-load.

As I know a certain chap who is away over there at the moment and happens to have a birthday coming up, I thought I'd give it a go myself!

I have chosen recipes from the River Cottage Cakes Book, which features lots of biscuit recipes as well.  As they have an interesting journey to make, I went for recipes which should last a good few weeks in an air-tight container.  They are all very easy and quick to make and I found versions of all the recipes online to share with you.

Hazelnut macaroons x 2 bags

I am not sure how many will actually make it out of the house.  These are divine and super quick and simple to make.  They are also the least likely to travel well as they have a little chocolate in them, but I couldn't resist!

Christmas biscuits x 3 bags

Christmassy biscuits but without the icing in lots of different shapes.  Mental note buy more cookie cutters that aren't Christmassy - shame that, having to buy more :-) 

Anzac biscuits x 2 bags

Well these are bound to last, as they were the biscuits made by New Zealand and Australian wives, to send out by boat to their partners during the Second World War.  Very hearty and oaty.

Now I've just got to figure how in heck I'm going to package them up so they arrive intact!!! 
I wonder if the recipient will share.

Happy baking.......

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