Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Knitting Mojo Returns!

If the truth be told, the mojo never left, just the body wasn't willing.  However, normality is slowly returning and I'm now knitting, baking, running and of course working like a trooper!  I still have to be careful, but all is good in Scubamonkey world.

I've not been idle.  Throughout the Ravellenic Games I had a good excuse to finish a WIP (work in progress) hot water bottle cover that had been hiding at the bottom of the basket for months.........

I couldn't resist the sheep ribbon for the tie.  This is being saved for a Xmas pressie. 

Ellie got a new pair of socks, which she seems to be quite partial to :-)

I had fun knitting this lovely Lotus hat, which was taken to Canada as a gift for Rosa........

All of which helped me get some Ravellenic medals which you can see on the project pages (apologies to non-Ravelry users, as the links will not work for you).

I'm also taking part in a Knit-a-long with a German Group which a dear Rav friend got me involved in and so far I've completed this pair of socks .........

The next pair has been started and in the interim I also found time to make OH a new camping hat!

Obviously that's me doing the modelling!

Phwew I've been busy!  For more Finished Object Fridays posts head over to Tami Ami's blogspot

Happy Knitting!

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