Friday, 30 January 2015

My Cup Of Tea Socks - The Knitting Mojo Returns!

Last year saw a bit of a knitting hiatus for me.  I only manged to knit 1.5 pairs of socks in a whole year.  Crazy!  Well my New Years Resolution for this year was to get back into doing all the things I love. Running regularly, baking (you might have gathered that from previous posts this year!) and knitting to name a few.

Last year I manged to start and finish these lovely Betula Socks by Rachel Coopey.  They were a Christmas gift for a lady I work for and well received.

I also started My Cup of Tea Socks by Robin Lynn back in July.  They then sat at this stage of Sock 1 in my knitting bag until ......... well, mid January, I am ashamed to say.  But no more!  The knitting mojo has well and truly returned.  That is, when my cat will allow it, as he doesn't care to share a lap with hand knit socks.

I am totally chuffed with myself, as the pair is now finished, ready for the arrival of Spring, which the colours remind me of.  The motif down the front is based on a Crocus pattern,  

Quite apt as the Crocus are starting to open in the gardens around me.

So I aim to finish some more of my WIP's (work in progress) in the coming months, that have been languishing for far too long, including this Ariel Bias Scarf, which I started back in 2012.  Ooopps!

Then again, there are lots of lovely new patterns to try in my Ravelry Library.  Oh the dilemma.

Happy knitting!

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