Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Scubamonkey's Banana, Cinnamon & Wheatgerm Muffins

In general, I don't choose to bake with bananas, but when you're faced with 5 super-ripe bananas in your fruit bowl, whats a girl to do!  I've taken a pretty normal recipe, but substituted the 375ml of buttermilk (which I've never ever used in a muffin recipe) for 250ml of single cream and the rest full fat milk.  I also substituted 50g of plain flour for wheatgerm and used duck eggs instead of chickens.  I am hoping that this will make them totally healthy and part of my 5-a-day.  Who am I kidding?
Sprinkled with a little vanilla sugar to give them a little crunch.................

They took a bit longer to cook than usual, no doubt due to the moistness and richness of the cream and ducks eggs, but the results were a lovely moist chewy muffin. Who says you can't play around with baking?   I'll keep tweaking them, but they went down OK!

I'm rather pleased with my own first hand spun and hand knit pair of socks that I've called Firestarter.  I plan to wear them on a cool evening when camping, perhaps by a little campfire.......

Sadly, due to a reduced workload and running miles (sore neck, but that's on the mend, so all's good) my baking of sweet things will have to be temporarily reduced until I can burn off more calories and at least break even in the calorie count  :-(  My trousers are just getting toooooooo tight.  Still I did manage another short shuffle tonight in the rain, so perhaps the baking cull won't last long.

In the mean time I will continue to bake lots of scrummy bread and bore you next week with a daily blog for ...............................


So watch out if you're not interested in knitting, its gonna be a crafty week :-)


  1. Hey, you didn't even mention that beautiful cake stand! (along with the beautiful muffins of course)Its gorgeous x

  2. It is beautiful isn't it. Lovely Cathy, who I work for gave it me for Xmas. She saw it in a shop in Cornwall and thought of me :) I'm a lucky girl!