Saturday, 14 July 2012

Gin Fizz Shawl

Oh blimey, I have been a really bad blogger and baker recently.  Not being able to do as much of my hobbies as I would like left me a rather forlorn Scubamonkey!  But there is sunshine on the horizon........ well clearly not literally in the UK as the rain is coming down in stair-rods.  But metaphorically its sunny.

So to ease my way back into a little knitting I participated in a test knit for the very talented Pmcblonde and made the lovely Gin Fizz Shawl.  How could I resist such a name I ask you??  It took me quite a while to make as I was only knitting a few rows a night, but I'm just so happy to be making something again!  Plus I had dyed the lovely sparkle yarn I used with some Grape Koolaid, so a real homemade job! 

You can find more tips and test knits on Patricia's Ravelry group page.

Anyway, just a little blog to share my excitement and show off my pretty new shawl!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a little baking, so the blogs may start coming along all at once like the No 37 bus!  But for now I think I might indulge in a little knitting.........yippee!

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