Thursday, 19 July 2012

Imbhams Farm Granary Yeast-Free Spelt Loaf

I warned you - they'll keep coming all together like the No 37 bus! 

Tonight's baking delight came after a visit with my Mum to West Dean's Med Fest back in June.  Amongst the many drool-inducing stalls was the Imbhams Farm Granary run by a delightful couple.  As you can imagine I was quite taken in by all the flours and bread mixes on offer, as well as the German Grain Mills they had available (possible Xmas pressie request for the future??)

I chose the Yeast-Free Spelt & Sunflower Seed Bread Mix, as I was keen to give spelt a go again.

You mix the dry ingredients from the packet in one bowl (saving a few sunflower seeds for the topping) and an a egg, buttermilk and yoghurt to another bowl which is whisked together.  Looking online, it was suggested that you could just use milk instead of the buttermilk and yoghurt.  This would make a much more cost effective loaf, but I was keen to try it as per the main instructions as I've never used buttermilk and / or yoghurt in bread-making before.

The wet ingredients are added to the dry and mixed until combined.  Then its popped into a greased and floured 1lb loaf tin and........... put into a preheated 180c oven (I used a static oven) for 20 minutes.

That's right, no kneading, no proving, just mix / stir / bake, that's it.  After 20 minutes you take it out of the oven and brush / drizzle with melted butter or honey (I went for the honey option) and then pop it back in for another 20 minutes.

I was surprised by how much the loaf rose in the oven.  Before it went in, it was flush with the top of the tin, when it came out....... well you can see from the shape :-)

It was really tasty warm from the oven and smeared with honey.  After that its been toasted and marmite'd each morning.  Its a robust loaf and full of sunflower seeds.

Certainly a quick and easy loaf to make and full of flavour.  It has nudged me to go and buy some more spelt flour and play around with my own bread mixes though.

Happy baking!

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