Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jo Wheatley's Brazil Nut Brownies

Don't you just love looking at a baking recipe, or any recipe for that matter and think 'I've got all the ingredients, what's stopping me'.  Well as luck would have it I was perusing my new copy of Jo Wheatley's  'A Passion for Baking' and the page fell open on her Brazil Nut Chocolate Brownie recipe.  Its a great book (another Xmas pressie from my Mum) and an absolute bargain at the current price of £6.  Jo won the Great British Bake Off a couple of years back and she was always my favourite for her homely baking skills.

Now I can't recall ever making brownies before, so it was fun to try something new.

I melted some chocolate and butter in the microwave and then allowed it to cool.

Sugar, vanilla extract and eggs were whisked together, before adding the melted chocolate and butter and then sifting in both plain and self-raising flour with some cocoa.

Once well blended, chopped brazil nuts and some extra milk chocolate chunks were stirred in.

The mixture is then popped into a greased and line baking tin / dish.

I baked my brownies for 35 minutes in a static 170c oven and they came out like this.

Allow the mixture to cool in the tin.  It will be very squishy in the centre still, but sets as it cools.  As long as the top is just firm, they are good to come out the oven.

Once cooled, cut up into squares and demolish.  They were delicious and well received by all who've tasted them so far.  Not delicately divided - oh well!

If you join Jo's Blue Aga page on Facebook, she is very quick to answer any questions.  I suggested I might try them next time with some dried fruit and she came back almost by return with a suggestion of dried cranberries and pistachios!  Now that's got to be worth a go!

Another Xmas present used, though so many more yummy recipes to try out.  Go on,buy it!

Happy baking!

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